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crow in tree Before coming here, I never realized how difficult it is to photograph birds. They sure don't stay still very long and don't let you get close enough to get a good shot. I can see why bird photography is such an art. You need a super telephoto lens and a lot of patience.

I've been trying to get a clear photo of a crow for weeks. Recently they have been more active, and yesterday they were flying back and forth through the back yard. Each time they went by in one direction they had a huge piece of something in their beaks. I wondered what they were stealing from the neighbors. This is one of them stopping in the tree by my window, on his way to pick up another load.

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Playing in the Sand


Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

Donovan Be Nimble...


Donovan (34)

Another Can Top

old can top on the beach PhotoFriday Apr 23, 2004 challenge: Junk

Lake Superior (24)

From Lonely Dark Sunsets

My sympathies go out to Yarrow for loosing his good friend Jenn.

Jenn (3)

And the Cycles of Existance

Energy never dies, it may change form but it continues to be energy.

Jenn (3)

To New Beginnings

One of the gifts that death brings is the reminder to appreciate those who are still living. I miss you Yarrow. Thank you for your love, generosity, and inspiration.

Jenn (3)

And Yet Another Self-Portrait

yet another self-portrait Are you sick of me yet? This one's for PhotoFriday Apr 16, 2004 challenge: Self-Portrait

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Crescent Moon

crescent moon

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empty lake During the thunder storms a few days ago, the lake suddenly disappeared. Well, not the whole lake of course, but tide went way out, the kind of thing you would see at the ocean right before a tsunami.

There wasn't a tsunami, but a few minutes later the water came rushing back in.

Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

High Life

miller high life - please don't litter PhotoTime theme number 46: Curves

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Mackinac Bridge from Burger King

mackinac bridge I didn't do this, but felt sad for a second seagull who flew around this one, like he was wondering why his buddy wasn't getting back up :(

ThemeThursday April 22, 2004 theme: Oops

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Owen & Friend

babies I've never seen a baby happy to be in one of these things.

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Downside Up


East Jordan (7)

Sticks and Stones...

sticks and stones "She's got a camera!", "I hate the camera!", and "Throw sticks at her!", are a few of the things this kid yelled before tossing some sticks down on me. It was more funny than anything else.

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Birthday Boy


East Jordan (7)

Dog Play

dogs I took cover immediately after snapping this!

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East Jordan (7)

Silly String

silly string

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Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon - please don't litter

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Another Self Portrait

arianna in the forest PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Self Portrait

Look, both hands ;)

I actually used the timed shot feature and stuck my cheap little tripod in a pile of snow. (Yes, there is still snow here!)

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Gathering Around

gathering family Aunt Karen, her friend Carol, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Al, and Donovan gather around to watch the girl's perform Easter Church Services.

Easter (9)

Kyle, Katie, & Matt

kyle, katie, and matt

Easter (9)

Barb, Casey, & Grandpa

barb, casey, and grandpa

Easter (9)

Jessica & Sarah Lead the Family in Song

jessica and sarah sing

Easter (9)

Sarah's Story of Christ

sarah on violin

Easter (9)

Matthew Counts His Eggs

egg hunt

Easter (9)

Rebecca & Jessica Find BBQed Eggs

bbqed eggs PhotoFriday challenge: discovery

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Catch the Empty Plastic Easter Eggs

egg catch

Easter (9)

Plastic People

foosball We drove down to Midland Saturday afternoon to visit Donovan's family for Easter. A foosball table appeared in the basement since were last there. This is Kyle beating Donovan.

Donovan (34)

Take Off

sea gull There's been a group of sea gulls hanging around the beach here since the snow began to melt.

Lake Superior (24)

How Much Wood Can a...

more chop chopping I had fun taking photos of Donovan chopping wood a couple days ago, but wasn't totally happy with the results. I tried again today with more sunlight so I could try a faster shot.

Donovan (34)

Chop Chop

more chopping

Donovan (34)

Red Creek

creek Like the Tahquamenon River, the creek which flows under our driveway is stained a red-brown with tannin seeped from decaying hemlocks, cedars & spruce.

Paradise (29)

Creek Mouth

creek mouth The mouth of the creek widens to let the snowmelt out into Lake Superior.

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Creek Bubbles

creek bubbles

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Foggy Morning

house in the fog Our neighbors to the south are never there. Someone's summer cabin, I guess.

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Frozen Fog

frozen fog

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chopping wood

Donovan (34)

Finding the Firepit

donovan shoveling We can't wait for the snow to take it's time melting. Donovan decided to speed things up and get the firepit exposed so we could bbq elk soon.

Donovan (34)

Purple Passion Boa Scarf

purple scarf This weekend I crocheted this scarf as a surprise for a girl in Canada. I had to try it on and get a photo before I pack it up and sent it away!

I "invented" the pattern when I made a blue and grey one for myself. I wear it often and call it my "tie scarf" because of the shape and narrowness. With this one I tried out some "feather boa" yarn.

It reminds me of a passion flower. I hope she likes it!

Arianna (25)

Sunset Ship

Sunset Laker Somehow the freight ships know before a storm comes. If I see one parking in the bay by our house, I can guess a storm is soon on the way. A half hour after this one showed up today, the wind got really gusty.

Later, while the sun was setting, I noticed it reflecting off the "laker". The color lasted for only a few minutes.

Photofriday challenge: atmosphere

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