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Cargo We left Paradise to make our way to DC via the Detroit airport and a couple other stops. First stop was to get gas in St Ignace where I saw this.

26 Things item: layered

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

St Ignace

Fencing Truck Theme Thursday theme: heavy metal

DC Trip (47), Theme Thursday (9)


Hydrant One of the first things I notice in a new city is the fire hydrants. This in in Washington DC, on the George Washington University campus.

26 Things item: new old

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Rays of Light

Rays of Light 26 Things item: soft

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)



DC Trip (47)

Scavenger Acrobat

Squirrel How does he do that? Feet that bend backward? I don't know, but he scored a piece of orange.

DC Trip (47)

Sea to Shining Sea

WWII Memorial The nearly complete World War II Memorial.

DC Trip (47)


Nonreflective I was disappointed the reflecting pool was empty. Well, I guess it wasn't completely empty with us tourists walking through it.

DC Trip (47)

Feild Trip

Lincoln I spent my first day in DC wandering around the tourist sites while Donovan had his first day of programming at Pycon. Sometimes I like to explore alone, besides, when you're in a tourist area, you're not really alone anyway.

26 Things item: famous

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Washington Monument

Monument 26 Things item: high point

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Black Helicopter

Helicopter This helicopter came from the white house area and hovered over the construction site of the new WWII memorial. I wondered if Bush was inside. I've never liked these machines much, there's something scary about them.

26 Things item: intimidating

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Horse and Rider

DC Trip (47)

The Dark House

White House This most famous of houses, is warmly lit at night, but full of some cold blooded people.

26 Things item: cold

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Too Much Death

Too Much Arlington Cemetary

26 Things item: too much

26 Things (26), Cemetaries (8), DC Trip (47)


Sharp 26 Things item: sharp

26 Things (26), Cemetaries (8), DC Trip (47)


Me I submited a cropped version of this to the mirror project.

DC Trip (47)


Shadows The amphitheatre in Arlington Cemetery.

26 Things item: shadows

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Leopard Print

Leopard After walking back from the Arlington Cemetary, over the river, I saw this on the ground and for some reason took a photo. It must have been in anticipation of the Phototime Tuesday theme: discarded

DC Trip (47), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Korean War Memorial

Reflections 26 Things item: reflection

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Mike This is Mike, the first person I've met in real life after first meeting online. After spending much of the week wandering around with him, he and his camera became a familiar sight.

26 Things item: familiar

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Stretch A team of Ultimate Frisbee players practice in the ellipse.

26 Things item: team

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Hole 26 Things item: warning

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Daughters' Tree

Daughters Tree This is the Daughters of the Revolution building.

DC Trip (47)



DC Trip (47)


Drake After lunch with Mike, he had to go to class but sent me off to feed his leftover roll to the ducks.

DC Trip (47)

Bottoms Up

Duck Bottoms This male and female pair of ducks came over from where they were hanging out in a bush. After eating all the bits of roll I tossed in, the ducks thanked me and swam away.

Birds (29), Creatures (75)

Tulip Tree Flower

Flower 26 Things item: close up

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47), Flowers (42)

Habit Area

Habit Area The restaurants and bars in DC were too smoky for a Californian girl like me. I think people should smoke outside. And that's coming from a 10 year veteran smoker.

(I don't usually put altered images here, this is an exception)

DC Trip (47)



DC Trip (47)

Bird Drinking


DC Trip (47)

Journalism in the Park


DC Trip (47)

Three Contrails

Contrails 26 Things item: three

26 Things (26), Churches (4), DC Trip (47)

Last Fence Post

Fence Post This guy was across the street from the building Donovan's conference was in at George Washington University. He has the difficult job of holding the end of the chain in his mouth.

26 Things item: the end

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Welding 26 Things item: electric

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Zack, Donovan, and Bob

The Guys Donovan with his friends while we wait for the metro to go eat. This Pycon, Donovan met Zack for the first time in real life, he met Bob at Pycon last year. The internet gives these guys a way to talk and work on projects together without ever seeing each other.

26 Things item: community

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


Stretch SUV While waiting for Mike in front of the Asylum in Adams Morgan, this stretch SUV drove by. I think those things are dumb.

26 Things item: oversized

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Mike, Maris, and Andrew

Mall My last day in DC I met up with Mike and a couple of his friends. We went to two museums and the arboretum in the "Mall". I probably could have spent the entire week just in museums and still not have seen everything.

DC Trip (47)


Jungle The arboretum had this cool jungle room. That's Mike up there taking photos of us down here....

DC Trip (47)

Passion Flower

Passion Flower The arboretum had many lovely and strange flowers.

Theme Thursday, in collaboration with A Thousand Beautiful Things, theme: beautiful things
Also shown on A Thousand Beautiful Things.

DC Trip (47)

Red Thing

Red Thing In the Mall.

26 Things item: red

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


George Couldn't leave DC without taking a shot of cherry blossoms and George Washington's bust at GWU.

DC Trip (47)


Futons Dragon's Lair Futons, in Ann Arbor.

26 Things item: culture... there's not a lot of culture in Michigan but this place even has a dragon along the roof! Yes, that's a dragon.

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Downtown Ann Arbor.

26 Things item: 2PM

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47)


UofM Donovan in front of the University of Michigan Library. He went to school here, for a short time, and wanted to see the campus again.

26 Things item: contemplation

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47), Donovan (34)

DDR Extreme

DDR Donovan and Jay dance at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor.

26 Things item: movement

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47), Donovan (34)


Pinball Donovan plays Lord of the Rings pinball at the movie theater arcade while we waited to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jay and his wife Cathy in Ann Arbor. Notice the score on the air-hockey table. The answer to The Question.

26 Things item: energy... arcades must use a lot of it.

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47), Donovan (34)

Ari & Gypsy

Ari & Gypsy Back in Midland at Donovan's dad's house where Gypsy was staying while we were away. She was happy to snuggle again. (Photo taken by Donovan)

Arianna (25), DC Trip (47)



Evidence we are back in suburbia.

car (22), mall (1), michigan (60), shop-window (6), snow (30), suburbs (1)

DC Trip (47)

Hair Dye

arianna (36), colors (12), dye (6), hair (5), red (3), self-portrait (10), spa (2)

A Day of Self Colorization (5), Arianna (25)


arianna (36), blue (4), colors (12), dye (6), face (1), mask (1), self-portrait (10), spa (2)

A Day of Self Colorization (5), Arianna (25)

Color Me

"CAUTION: This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness."

I've done it a hundred times and I'm not blind yet. Well, not totally. Of course I'm really careful and am not dumb enough to dye my eyelashes.

arianna (36), colors (12), dye (6), eyes (2), hair (5), red (3)

A Day of Self Colorization (5), Arianna (25)

Clean Up

colors (12), cotton (1), dye (6), hair (5), red (3)

A Day of Self Colorization (5)

Crochet Bracelet

I made this.

bracelet (1), crafts (26), crochet (6), diy (14), homemade (4)

A Day of Self Colorization (5), Arianna (25)


These are from a hockey game two weeks ago.

family (46), hockey (1), ice (11), michigan (60), midland (11), sports (1)

Hockey (1)

Transportation Parked Out Front

I just tried to get a shot of these in the moonlight but there wasn't enough light so I switched on the bright-as-day spotlight.

Phototime Tuesday theme: Transportation

michigan (60), night (41), phototime-tuesday (4), snow (30), snow-shoe (3), upper-penninsula (34), winter (11)

Phototime Tuesday (15), Transportation (5)


A snowmobile driving by on the "wrong" side of our house, in our "backyard", ...on the frozen Whitefish Bay.

home (11), lake-superior (24), michigan (60), snow (30), upper-penninsula (34), whitefish-bay (9)

Lake Superior (24), Transportation (5)

Bluefooted Boobie

Donovan snow-shoeing on the frozen Lake Superior.

donovan (27), lake-superior (24), michigan (60), snow (30), snow-shoe (3), upper-penninsula (34), whitefish-bay (9)

Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24), Transportation (5)


Theme Thursday March 11 theme: Bike

bicycle (3), ice (11), michigan (60), rust (5), shed (1), snow (30), upper-penninsula (34), winter (11)

Transportation (5)

Shipping Lane

Driving across the Mackinac Bridge I got this picture of the shipping lane through the ice of the frozen Mackinac Straits.

bridge (7), ice (11), lake (9), lake-superior (24), mackinac (10), ship (4)

Transportation (5)

Whitefish Bay At Night

Pink Moon RisesThe full moon arose out my office window tonight. I took this photo before the sun was fully set. The moon was really this pink, maybe more so.

Glowing Moon and Venus
Venus is the glowing dot on the top right.

Whitefish Bay At Night
This is my view over Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior, at night on the full moon. The red glow on the horizon is Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and the red dot to the right of that, I think, is on the bridge which spans the Locks.

This is snow at night. I did not modify the colors. The only difference between this photo and the next one is the angle. I pointed the camera in a different direction and for some reason it decided to make it pink.

The only difference between this photo and the previous one is the angle. I pointed the camera in a different direction and for some reason it decided to make it purple.

lake-superior (24), long-exposure (4), michigan (60), moon (10), night (41), snow (30), stars (2), trees (34)

Full Moon (1)

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