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I don't intentionally skew what I share about my life, though I realize I am certainly more inspired by certain things (plants, pottery, Tajer) than by other things (exercise machines, my day job). But that doesn't mean they are not big or important or even meaningful parts of my life. The gym has been a place I've spent a lot of time the past few months. I started weightlifting when I was 13 so while I am perfectly comfortable in a gym, it's not my favorite place to get fitness in and I spend years, decades even, avoiding them. I utilize gyms more in periods of great need: needing to get greater results out of limited time to put in. Working a day job during winter days with short daylight hours makes it more difficult to get out and active. Having other priorities and dealing with confusing health issues over the past few years has put me at a fitness deficit, so I'm enjoying my time catching up with my body moving needs.


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PNW Roadtrip: OMSI

dire wolf

While passing through and visiting in Portland, we had a couple hours to explore so visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We had a blast playing with the interactive exhibits, learning about LASERs, solving puzzles, and getting so caught up that we missed our planetarium show.

heat patterns paleontologists

Paleontologists hard at work. The one on the left was actually very friendly and willing to answer questions. It was incredible to watch them carefully grinding away stone to uncover fossilized bone. The talkative Paleontologist volunteer was working on uncovering, out of a single solid chunk, a skull and other bones that once belonged to an aquatic beast that resembled the loch ness monster.

I love this beautiful 150 million year old Mesozoic proto-bird.

150 million year old mesozoic proto-bird industrial connect four with robots

We played "Connect Four" using robot arms. Then the robots "danced" for us and showed off their precise articulation.

The cool, geeky tiles in the restroom had science, chemistry, paleontology, and mechanical themes.

bathroom tiles

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Vaux's Swifts


In September, 2012, Rick surprised me on a date by taking me to Rio Lindo Adventist Academy in Healdsburg to witness a natural phenomenon. We arrived before dusk and found the building of focus. A dozen or two people were already gathering, some with folding chairs and snacks. Rick didn't tell me what was about to happen, just that an old brick building with a large chimney was to be the focal point. We explored the back of the building, the south-west corner, where there were no other spectators. I'm an avoider of crowds, but also am drawn to sunlight facing lighting when I have a camera in hand. We noticed that there was a large ravine behind the school, between the hills, and that the billions of flying insects that filled the air were very visible in the setting sunlight.

We also found an old rusty truck among the weeds while we waited for the sun to sink lower.

rusty truck rusty truck

A few small swifts appeared, and suddenly hundreds. After a few minutes the air began to fill with thousands of the birds, swirling and vortexing through the sky.

sky of vauxs swifts vauxs swifts going into chimney

A merlin, predator bird, attacked the swarm and I heard a thud a couple feet from me.

dead vauxs swift vauxs swifts going into chimney

After the last bird was tucked away in the chimney, Rick and I explored closer to find out if we could hear them inside, though we couldn't. Everyone else had left and we were alone in the dark, knowing that the chimney behind us contained ten's of thousands of vaux's swifts.

ari at chimney ari at chimney ari and rick at chimney

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Simon & Romklao's Wedding Reception

simon and romklao

My younger brother and his lovely bride hosted family and a few friends on a bay dinner cruise last September to celebrate their union.

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Mexico Trip 2012 - Lake Macanxoc

Lake Macanxoc

A lake across the street from the the Coba ruins entrance.

Lake Macanxoc Ari and Rick at Lake Macanxoc Ari at Lake Macanxoc Sunset at Lake Macanxoc

Phoenix rising! Sunset over the Yucatan from Lake Macanxoc. Our last evening in Mexico.

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Self Prortrait on Couch

self portrait on couch self portrait on couch self portrait on couch

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Me at the Cemetery

ari at the burial park

The stone at the Whidbey Island Pioneer Burial Park says "Pioneers of 1856".
This photo was taken by Donovan Preston.

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Green and Orange

my leg

Arianna (26)

And Yet Another Self-Portrait

yet another self-portrait Are you sick of me yet? This one's for PhotoFriday Apr 16, 2004 challenge: Self-Portrait

Arianna (26)

Another Self Portrait

arianna in the forest PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Self Portrait

Look, both hands ;)

I actually used the timed shot feature and stuck my cheap little tripod in a pile of snow. (Yes, there is still snow here!)

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Purple Passion Boa Scarf

purple scarf This weekend I crocheted this scarf as a surprise for a girl in Canada. I had to try it on and get a photo before I pack it up and sent it away!

I "invented" the pattern when I made a blue and grey one for myself. I wear it often and call it my "tie scarf" because of the shape and narrowness. With this one I tried out some "feather boa" yarn.

It reminds me of a passion flower. I hope she likes it!

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Ari & Gypsy

Ari & Gypsy Back in Midland at Donovan's dad's house where Gypsy was staying while we were away. She was happy to snuggle again. (Photo taken by Donovan)

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Hair Dye

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Color Me

"CAUTION: This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows; to do so may cause blindness."

I've done it a hundred times and I'm not blind yet. Well, not totally. Of course I'm really careful and am not dumb enough to dye my eyelashes.

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Crochet Bracelet

I made this.

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Self Portrait 1

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Self Portrait 2

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Self Portrait 3

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Self Portrait 4

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Self Portrait 5

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Me with Flowers on My Head

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Me on Vancouver Island

(photo taken by Donovan)

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My Feet

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More New Hair

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My New Hair

I got a little crazy with the black dye this time....

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