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Whidbey Island Vineyard

whidbey island winery

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Gulls Above Puget Sound

gulls above the ferry

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Fire Hydrant in Coupeville

fire hydrant in coupeville

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Rochana in Langley

rochana in langley

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Donovan in Langley

donovan in langley

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Dad Back Home

dad back home

Down the hill from the Pioneer Burial Park in Oak Harbor, my father grew up in this house. A house that used to be there, that is.

dad and his bed

My father found peices of his old bed in the woods by the cemetery where his house used to be. The bed he said he slept on while growing up in Oak Harbor was an army cot.

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Me at the Cemetery

ari at the burial park

The stone at the Whidbey Island Pioneer Burial Park says "Pioneers of 1856".
This photo was taken by Donovan Preston.

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Doris Planting the Rhododendron

doris planting

By the back fence of the Pioneer Burial Park, my cousin Doris transplanted a Rhododendron from her mother's garden and sprinkled her mother's ashes around it's roots.

dad watering cousin doris and dad

Doris, Mary Lou's daughter, with my father, Robert, Mary Lou's brother.

cousin doris

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Susan and Roger at the Cemetery

susan and roger

Roger is my father's cousin, my first cousin once removed.

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Mom and Dad at the Cemetery

mom and dad

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Irish Ancestors

Marjorie Dyer burial stone

My Great-Aunt, Marjorie Dyer, 1905-2002, daughter of Thomas Nunan and Alice Funk-Nunan.

GW Morse burial stone

My Great-Great-Uncle through marriage, George W Morse, 1830-1915, husband of my Great-Great-Aunt, Mary McCrohan, son of Anthony Morse and Hannah Mountford.

Thomas E Nunan burial stone

My Great-Grandfather, Thomas Edward Nunan, 1865-1936, son of Thomas Nunan and Elizabeth McCrohan-Nunan, husband of Alice Funk-Nunan.

Elizebeth Nunan burial stone

My Great-Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Nunan, 1842-1925, daughter of Francis McCrohan and Grace Mullen-McCrohan, wife of Thomas Nunan.

Thomas Nunan burial stone

My Great-Great-Grandfather, Thomas Nunan, 1840-1895, son of John Nunan and Eliza Donovan-Nunan, husband of Elizabeth McCrohan-Nunan.

Grace McCrohan  burial stone

My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother, Grace Mullen-McCrohan, who died in a canoeing accident in 1864.

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Aunt Mary Lou Goodwin

mary lou flowers and monument

My father's sister, aunt Mary Lou, passed away on September 4th this year. Last weekend I attended her services at the Pioneer Family Burial Park on Whidbey Island, Washington.

In the background is Susan (the wife of my father's cousin Roger), Mary Lou's friend and co-worker (name?), and my cousin Doris (Mary Lou's daughter).

mary lou burial stone

My aunt, born in 1938, was of the Irish Nunan family who originally settled on the Island in 1858.

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Whidbey Island Pioneer Family Cemetery

whidbey island pioneer family cemetery

My family cemetery, started by the death of my great-great-great-grandmother, Grace McCrohan.

pioneer family cemetery angel pioneer family cemetery monument

Cemetery monument for the Irish pioneer families of Whidbey Island, WA: Davis, Nunan, Morse, O'Leary, & McCrohan.

pioneer family cemetery monument

Monument for the Pioneers of 1858.

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