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Donovan and Angela

donovan and angela

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Donovan (34)

Donovan in Langley

donovan in langley

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Yerba Buena Man

yerba buena

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At Bricks Pizza


While visiting with my brother, Hamilton, in Petaluma, we found a new restaurant to try: Bricks Petaluma “hand tossed pizza”. It was in the LanMart building, the location where, last I knew, was a wine bar & restaurant called Twisted Vines. Bricks pizza was pretty good, especially the pesto chicken they called something like: Pollo Petaluma. Pollo is the Spanish word for chicken and Petaluma was once the chicken capital of the world.

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Donovan (34), Petaluma (14)


taking the satellite down

Donovan took the satellite dish apart and down from the roof in Paradise. We packed it in three boxes and shipped it to my parents who now use it to surf the web from their isolated farm.

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Donovan (34), Paradise (29)



donovan (27), potter-valley (65)

Donovan (34), Potter Valley (43)

A Walk on the Beach

sunset walk

Donovan (34), Pans (4)


bike rider

Donovan (34), Pans (4)

Window Blinds

window blinds to the soul

Donovan (34)

Fire Beard


Donovan (34), Sunsets (33), Whitefish Point (5)

Girl in the Red Dress

arcade Donovan playing DDR with a girl at the Mackinac city arcade. I think her boyfriend thought I was creepy taking photos through the window.

Donovan (34)



Donovan (34)



Donovan (34)

Man of Light

light man

Donovan (34)

Playing in the Sand


Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

Donovan Be Nimble...


Donovan (34)


empty lake During the thunder storms a few days ago, the lake suddenly disappeared. Well, not the whole lake of course, but tide went way out, the kind of thing you would see at the ocean right before a tsunami.

There wasn't a tsunami, but a few minutes later the water came rushing back in.

Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

Plastic People

foosball We drove down to Midland Saturday afternoon to visit Donovan's family for Easter. A foosball table appeared in the basement since were last there. This is Kyle beating Donovan.

Donovan (34)

How Much Wood Can a...

more chop chopping I had fun taking photos of Donovan chopping wood a couple days ago, but wasn't totally happy with the results. I tried again today with more sunlight so I could try a faster shot.

Donovan (34)

Chop Chop

more chopping

Donovan (34)


chopping wood

Donovan (34)

Finding the Firepit

donovan shoveling We can't wait for the snow to take it's time melting. Donovan decided to speed things up and get the firepit exposed so we could bbq elk soon.

Donovan (34)


UofM Donovan in front of the University of Michigan Library. He went to school here, for a short time, and wanted to see the campus again.

26 Things item: contemplation

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DDR Extreme

DDR Donovan and Jay dance at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor.

26 Things item: movement

26 Things (26), DC Trip (47), Donovan (34)


Pinball Donovan plays Lord of the Rings pinball at the movie theater arcade while we waited to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jay and his wife Cathy in Ann Arbor. Notice the score on the air-hockey table. The answer to The Question.

26 Things item: energy... arcades must use a lot of it.

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Bluefooted Boobie

Donovan snow-shoeing on the frozen Lake Superior.

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Donovan (34)


Donovan, in his own world.

This is inside our hotel room, downtown Vancouver.

donovan (27), vancouver (20)

Donovan (34), Vancouver (21)

Dog Walking

Donovan, Cassey (his step brother), and Jasmine.

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Donovan (34), MI Trip (27)

Paradise House

Donovan and the Paradise house from the back yard. He lived much of his childhood and teen years in that room on the second floor.

donovan (27), michigan (56), paradise (13)

Donovan (34), MI Trip (27), Paradise (29)

Michigan Wedding

This was right after the man in the middle (Bob) got married. That's his baby Owen. Donovan on the left, Jay on the right. The mural is in the entryway of the church.

This is baby Owen, held by his mother, and new wife of Donovan's friend.

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Grassy Park

donovan (27), howarth-park (2), santa-rosa (22)

Donovan (34)


Donovan working in his corner of our office.

donovan (27)

Donovan (34)

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