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Simon & Romklao's Wedding Reception

simon and romklao

My younger brother and his lovely bride hosted family and a few friends on a bay dinner cruise last September to celebrate their union.

simon and romklao simon and romklao simon and romklao feltmans feltmans micah rick simon and men simon and rom micah and bella simon and romklao dinner simon and romklao cake simon and romklao cake simon and romklao cake simon and romklao cake dancing simon and romklao golden gate bridge arianna helen arianna helen rick

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micah micah micah micah micah and rick rick rick rick

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Boating with Bella

bella boating in pond in potter valley bella boating in pond in potter valley bella boating in pond in potter valley bella boating in pond in potter valley

When my siblings get together, our conversation often goes into the realms of quantum physics, science vs religion, spirituality, "magical thinking", consciousness, medicine, healing, singularity, etc.... There are usually a few who dominate the debates while others sit by and occasionally chime in, or busy themselves preparing food, and the children play together in a world apart from the adult colloquy.

There are four children in the newest generation: my three nieces and one nephew, though my older brother's two daughters have been living mostly in Japan the past year. From that generation, this Mother's Day weekend visit to my parent's house included only Bella as her older brother stayed home sick with their father.

Immediately after arrival, the adult siblings went at it with each other, and even I got myself involved in the dialog after turning my father's espresso strength coffee into a couple iced coffees (partly diluted by Alicia's ingenious coconut milk based "non-dairy creamer" invention) and drinking enough to see an increase of color saturation in the world and make my brain feel like it was full of helium with electrically charged colloidal lead.

I became aware of Bella's behavior on the sidelines, her complaints of tiredness, and Alicia considering if Bella was coming down with an illness. I offered to take Bella out on the pond in the raft and she began to cheer up. Bella and I played pirates in the boat, keeping a watch on the shore where the pirate zombies were gathering to eat us, and staying clear of the water where the pirate zombie fish were waiting to bite at our limbs. After our playtime Bella's energy and mood had substantially improved and I realized how draining or boring it must have been to be the only child among adults having such a tired discussion.

Children need to play and children need other children, even if it's an adult pretending along with them.

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October Potter Valley Trip

Corner of Kuki and Lovers in Ukiah Jason picking pears Bella picking an apple Bella picking an apple Dad and Micah Jason rowing boat Jason and Ari in boat Jason and Ari in boat Jason and Ari in boat Jason drumming Simon, Micah, and Bella in boat Simon, Micah, and Bella in boat

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July 4th 2009 Part 1

simon feltman jason drums simon donovan and hamilton bella and rochana reading white paw kitten bella and haru cat bella and haru cat alicia and white paw kitten

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Grandpa and Bella

dad and bella

This is my father and my niece, his youngest granddaughter, on his biodiesel tractor.

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Erica and Ray in Ukiah

erica and ray erica and ray ukiah girl ukiah girl ukiah girl

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Foreman Micah

foreman micah hard hat micah

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Family (46)

Rochana in Langley

rochana in langley

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Donovan in Langley

donovan in langley

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Dad Back Home

dad back home

Down the hill from the Pioneer Burial Park in Oak Harbor, my father grew up in this house. A house that used to be there, that is.

dad and his bed

My father found peices of his old bed in the woods by the cemetery where his house used to be. The bed he said he slept on while growing up in Oak Harbor was an army cot.

dad (7), family (44), whidbey-island (15)

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Doris Planting the Rhododendron

doris planting

By the back fence of the Pioneer Burial Park, my cousin Doris transplanted a Rhododendron from her mother's garden and sprinkled her mother's ashes around it's roots.

dad watering cousin doris and dad

Doris, Mary Lou's daughter, with my father, Robert, Mary Lou's brother.

cousin doris

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Susan and Roger at the Cemetery

susan and roger

Roger is my father's cousin, my first cousin once removed.

cemetery (7), family (44), whidbey-island (15)

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Mom and Dad at the Cemetery

mom and dad

cemetery (7), dad (7), family (44), mom (9), whidbey-island (15)

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Happy Dwarves

happy dwarves

clarista (8), emily (2), family (44), micah (14), nieces (2), potter-valley (65)

Family (46)

Picking Tomatoes

picking tomatoes

clarista (8), family (44), mom (9), potter-valley (65)

Family (46)

Clarista Scarf

clarista model 1 clarista model 2 clarista model 3 clarista model 4

clarista (8), family (44), motion (15)

Family (46)

Micah Birthday Pool

swimming pool

family (44), micah (14)

Family (46)

Clarista Playing Organ

piano player

clarista (8), family (44), motion (15), musician (22), nieces (2)

Family (46)

Reader in My Backyard


This is my step-father-in-law reading in my backyard.

family (44), reader (4), rohnert-park (18)

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Dad's Tractor


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My father wanted to give me this huge old camera lens. Being the surreal and humorous person he is, he drove his tractor down to the storage unit on their property and drove the lens back to me in the front-loader part of the tractor.

I still have yet to find a use for the lens.

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Family (46)

Watering New Olive Trees


mom (9), potter-valley (65), trees (31), water (9)

Family (46)

Future Farmer

future farmer

micah (14), potter-valley (65), tractor (4)

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Polywog Catcher

polywog catcher

family (44), mom (9), pond (3), potter-valley (65), water (9)

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My mom, her three grandchildren, and the two who joined our family to bring them to her.

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Family (46)

Cute Face


family (44), micah (14), potter-valley (65)

Family (46)

Playing in the Fountain


Watching Micah while his mom was at a Kaiser appointment. He badly wanted to put his tongue in the fountain water.

family (44), micah (14), santa-rosa (22)

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Little Greenhouse

little greenhouse

Photofriday challenge: youth

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Conversation Corral

conversation corral

donovan (22), family (44), farm (12), hamilton (4), potter-valley (65)

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Swing II


erica (7), family (44), potter-valley (65)

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ditch (1), donovan (22), drain (1), erica (7), potter-valley (65), tunnels (2)

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alicia and micah I think these tracks stretch all the way to Oregon....

26 Things III item "Stretch".

26 Things III (26), California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)

Teruko and Emily

mother and baby

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)

Day in the Park

clarista swinging

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)

A Walk Outside

clarista Clarista loves the outside. "Outside!" she demands, taking my hand and pulling me out the door.

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)

Moving Micah

micah panned Inspired by Mike's awesome pans, I've been practicing photographing moving people. I think this is the best one I've gotten so far.

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46), Pans (4)

Spirits of the Field

field spirits My sister's fiancé, Preston (right), and their son, Micah, appear as ghosts in a long exposure early evening shot.

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)


tree spirit Tree spirit of the oak?

26 Things III item "Through".

26 Things III (26), California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)


alica and micah Alicia and her son, Micah, who's afraid of the sheep.

PhotoFriday theme: Mother

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46), Photofriday (26)

Sonoma Creek

rochana and dogs Rochana takes Hefner and Flynt to the creek to cool off.

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)


erica graffiti

I helped Erica pack up and graffiti her room before she moved out.

Just kidding. It's okay to tag up a wall you're selling to someone if you use foaming cleanser.

4090 (10), erica (7), graffiti (3), petaluma (19)

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)


erica at storage unit Matthew 6:19 — Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal.

I just found that quote, fittingly for this photo. It's good advice for me, and something I've worked hard to overcome in the past years, but since I don't have a home... here, in the storage unit in Santa Rosa, is where I keep my stuff. A unit, two down from mine, was broken into recently by the person between our units. Mine is probably safe from that person, but it would be easy to break in from the other side. Erica helped me move a few more things there that had been left at the last minute at my parent's house. In the past couple years, I've gotten rid of much more than I have acquired, and that is a great thing. But... I really like moths and rust....

I miss having my things nearby. Me and my things have been apart for over 10 months now. That's why I choose this photo for the 26 Things III item "Missing".

26 Things III (26), California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46)


My one year old niece.

clarista (8), family (44)

Family (46)


This is my mother and her grandson, Micah. I could not believe it when I noticed they both had only one sock on.

family (44), lydia (1), micah (14)

Family (46)


These two are cousins, my niece and nephew. Clarista Luna is 11 months and half Japanese; Micah is 7 months and quarter Mexican. They are both so cute in their beautifully different ways.

clarista (8), family (44), micah (14)

Family (46)

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