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Hoop Skirt

hoop skirt

Photofriday challenge: orange

photofriday (20), pride-parade (12), san-francisco (43), stranger (28)

Photofriday (26), SF Pride 2005 (12)

Gull Take-Off


birds (30), coast (47), creek (6), flight (5), ocean (33)

Birds (29), Goat Rock (6), Nikon D70 (54), Photofriday (26)

Saying Goodbye

moving truck

Photofriday challenge: Ghostly

family (45), motion (15), night (39)

Photofriday (26), Santa Rosa (21)



Photo Friday challenge: rural

dead (36), photofriday (20), plants (17), potter-valley (65), spiral (7)

Photofriday (26), Potter Valley (43)

Little Greenhouse

little greenhouse

Photofriday challenge: youth

clarista (8), family (45), greenhouse (5), micah (14), photofriday (20), potter-valley (65)

Family (46), Photofriday (26), Potter Valley (43)

San Francisco

san francisco

Photofriday challenge: crowded

motion (15), night (39), photofriday (20), san-francisco (43)

Photofriday (26), San Francisco (29)

Given the Pink Slip


My sister works at the national headquarters of a large insurance company. Because of downsizing, they have been moving employees from one of their three buildings to the other two. Most of this building is vacant of people, but is still full of office furniture and equipment in semi-organized areas.

PhotoFriday challenge: signs

dead (36), office (12), photofriday (20)

Office Space (12), Photofriday (26)

Abandoned Greenhouse


PhotoFriday challenge: Abandoned

abstract (8), farm (19), greenhouse (5), photofriday (20), potter-valley (65)

Photofriday (26), Potter Valley (43)

Just The Moon

moon PhotoFriday challenge: Simplicity

Moon (12), Photofriday (26)


alica and micah Alicia and her son, Micah, who's afraid of the sheep.

PhotoFriday theme: Mother

California Summer 2004 (45), Family (46), Photofriday (26)

Rebecca & Jessica Find BBQed Eggs

bbqed eggs PhotoFriday challenge: discovery

Easter (9), Photofriday (26)

Sunset Ship

Sunset Laker Somehow the freight ships know before a storm comes. If I see one parking in the bay by our house, I can guess a storm is soon on the way. A half hour after this one showed up today, the wind got really gusty.

Later, while the sun was setting, I noticed it reflecting off the "laker". The color lasted for only a few minutes.

Photofriday challenge: atmosphere

Lake Superior (24), Photofriday (26), Sunsets (33)


Photo Friday challenge: Translucent

bamboo (1), photofriday (20), screen (1), shadow (4), silhouette (5), window (5)

Photofriday (26)


Photofriday challenge: found

buddha (2), found (1), moss (3), photofriday (20), pond (4), statue (2)

Photofriday (26)


Photofriday challenge: aged

bird (8), creatures (52), dead (36), death (13), photofriday (20)

Dead Stuff (24), Photofriday (26)

In the Field

PhotoFriday challenge: broken

broken (2), car (21), dead (36), farm (19), field (3), petaluma (25), photofriday (20), sunset (34)

Cars (16), Photofriday (26), Sunsets (33)

Tunnel of Light

Do dead bicycles go to heaven?

Photo Friday Challenge: Transportation

4090 (10), bicycle (2)

Photofriday (26)


Tiny mushrooms growing in a soggy door mat.

Photo Friday Challenge: Small

mushrooms (7), photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)


With a week of rain, it's a been a challenge, that's for sure, so I staged a mini-series with one of my shadow puppets and a flashlight.

Photo Friday Challenge: Shadows

photofriday (20), puppet (1), shadow (4)

Photofriday (26)

Sea Water

Sea water and sea weed, Bodega Bay.

Photo Friday challenge: Water

bodega (7), photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)

Pears to Be

Pear tree at parents farm. My dad made that greenhouse with discarded windows from the dump.

Photo Friday Challenge: Spring

flowers (48), pears (2), spring (6), trees (31)

Photofriday (26)

Refrigerator 3

Photofriday Challenge: "Shoot something in your refrigerator that you always take out"

Beer might be something I take out most, even though I don't drink often, I might drink more often than I eat?

beer (1), photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)

Refrigerator 2

Photofriday Challenge: "Shoot something in your refrigerator that you always take out"

I don't take pickles out that much but I thought they looked sickly and cool.

photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)

Refrigerator 1

Photofriday Challenge: "Shoot something in your refrigerator that you always take out"

Well, mold. I take that out more than anything else since I buy food but never really eat any.

This is a jar of moldy blackberry apple sauce. Yum.

photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)

Mantis Umbrella

Large canvas and wood parasol, pool side in Nusa Dua, Bali. There's an enormous praying mantis (or something) sitting there.

Photofriday challenge: umbrella

bali (26), creatures (52), insect (30), photofriday (20)

Bali (26), Photofriday (26)

Stalking the Cow

Photofriday challenge: milk carton

cat (7), photofriday (20)

Photofriday (26)

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