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From The Roots Of Trees

mushroom PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Naturally Abstract

Mushrooms (11), Phototime Tuesday (15)


jasmine I've never had a dog but this is Jasmine, my dog-in-law.

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Pets

Creatures (75), Phototime Tuesday (15)

I'm The Operator With My Forest Calculator

adding machine PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Back to School

Mid Michigan (8), Phototime Tuesday (15)


flower shadows I lived in that house many years, many different times. Even lived under the roof of the old barn for awhile.

And I'll always be that barefoot stepping on rusty nails riding rickety old bicycles up the lane playing in the ditch farm girl. That teenager sneaking smokes out with the sheep. I'll always be the confused young adult in transition between other homes. Forever a stressed and scattered grown-up who needs to touch the earth, ruining her hands and fingernails to be grounded with the roots of tomato, squash, and sunflower, covering skin with splinters from old lichen incrusted fences, thistle pricks and nettle stings, crawling between plants to upturn snails and insects for happy quacking ducklings and creeping close to softly pet the spirit bunny.

Goodbye 4090, I'll miss you... but I'll always be there in my heart and mind.

PhotoTime Tuesday theme for July 19, 2004: Shadows

California Summer 2004 (45), Phototime Tuesday (15)


pizza cat "Gypsy, if you think I'm giving you some of my pizza, you're wrong!"

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: wrong

Or could it be wrong that I'm eating pizza for breakfast, in the living room, at noon, in my men's pajama pants and leopard slippers... or that I took a few moments out of eating pizza to take this photo!

Gypsy (4), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Canoeing in the Bay

canoe There are not many moments when the lake is calm enough to safely take a canoe out. Last week there was a day that the water was almost like a mirror, so out we went. Perfect for this week's PhotoTime Tuesday theme: wet

Lake Superior (24), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Cargo Cult

cargo I've always loved getting packages in the mail. When I was a kid, I'd get as many free things and 8 cassettes for a penny that I could. Several years ago, my father told me about cargo cults in the South Pacific. I set up a little shrine with a toy UPS truck and we (humorously) prayed to the cargo gods.

Now, living so far from anything just wouldn't be possible for me if it wasn't for my computer and the internet. This divine box brought me black, green, and herbal tea, free-trade coffee, colloidal silver, nori, sushi rice, vitamins, cranberry concentrate, natural feminine napkins, cashew butter, and organic peanut butter. Other than finding ecological ways to deal with the packaging, shipping costs are the biggest problem with online shopping. You have to have enough stuff you want to buy to get it shipped for free.

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Cargo

Phototime Tuesday (15)

Mushrooms Spring Up

spring mushrooms Phototime Tuesday theme: "It's a Spring Thing!"

Phototime Tuesday (15)

High Life

miller high life - please don't litter PhotoTime theme number 46: Curves

Lake Superior (24), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Another Self Portrait

arianna in the forest PhotoTime Tuesday theme: Self Portrait

Look, both hands ;)

I actually used the timed shot feature and stuck my cheap little tripod in a pile of snow. (Yes, there is still snow here!)

Arianna (25), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Leopard Print

Leopard After walking back from the Arlington Cemetary, over the river, I saw this on the ground and for some reason took a photo. It must have been in anticipation of the Phototime Tuesday theme: discarded

DC Trip (47), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Transportation Parked Out Front

I just tried to get a shot of these in the moonlight but there wasn't enough light so I switched on the bright-as-day spotlight.

Phototime Tuesday theme: Transportation

michigan (58), night (41), phototime-tuesday (4), snow (29), snow-shoe (3), upper-penninsula (34), winter (11)

Phototime Tuesday (15), Transportation (5)

Full Moon

The full moon earlier this month was so bright, shining right on me through the bay window as I tried to work late on my computer. These five photos are all taken through the window while sitting at my desk.

Phototime Tuesday theme: Looking Up.

arianna (34), home (11), long-exposure (4), moon (10)

Moon (12), Phototime Tuesday (15)



Snow-shoeing on the frozen shallows around Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior. PhotoTime Tuesday: Patterns

lake (9), lake-superior (24), michigan (58), phototime-tuesday (4), snow (29), snow-shoe (3), whitefish-bay (9)

Phototime Tuesday (15), Winter Blues (5)

Red White & Blue

The Whitefish Point lighthouse was first lit in 1849. It's famous for the Edmund Fitzgerald ship wreck. About ten miles from where I live, I can see it's light at night if I go out in the back yard.

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: color.

lake-superior (24), lighthouse (6), michigan (58), phototime-tuesday (4), sky (9), upper-penninsula (34), whitefish-point (4)

Lighthouses (12), Phototime Tuesday (15)

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