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Jack and Gypsy

gypsy hill

Gypsy enjoys a sunny day by rolling in the grass and leaves on the edge of the steep hill over my parent's greenhouse. I had to grab her to keep her from tumbling down the hill.

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Gypsy (4), Potter Valley (43)

Gypsy Cabin


10/07 KOA cabin in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Gypsy marks her new temporary territory with her scent.

(The Westward series was taken while driving from Michigan to California in October. I'm going to post them three at a time, in no particular order and will try to mention if I remember what state it was taken in. The majority of these photos were snapped while driving 80 miles per hour on interstate 80 so will be blurry, have dirt specks or water droplets from the day it rained, or have a slightly-tinted-car-window look. Don't worry, I rarely shoot while at the wheel, so most likely, they were taken while Donovan was driving, after I had done my share for the day.)

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Gypsy's Fire

gypsy with fire

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pizza cat "Gypsy, if you think I'm giving you some of my pizza, you're wrong!"

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: wrong

Or could it be wrong that I'm eating pizza for breakfast, in the living room, at noon, in my men's pajama pants and leopard slippers... or that I took a few moments out of eating pizza to take this photo!

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