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Cargo Cult

cargo I've always loved getting packages in the mail. When I was a kid, I'd get as many free things and 8 cassettes for a penny that I could. Several years ago, my father told me about cargo cults in the South Pacific. I set up a little shrine with a toy UPS truck and we (humorously) prayed to the cargo gods.

Now, living so far from anything just wouldn't be possible for me if it wasn't for my computer and the internet. This divine box brought me black, green, and herbal tea, free-trade coffee, colloidal silver, nori, sushi rice, vitamins, cranberry concentrate, natural feminine napkins, cashew butter, and organic peanut butter. Other than finding ecological ways to deal with the packaging, shipping costs are the biggest problem with online shopping. You have to have enough stuff you want to buy to get it shipped for free.

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Such a beautiful explanation for your photo!!! Doesn't it make the packing materials worthwhile? ;-)

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