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Nice Day

fluffy clouds

Lake Superior (24)

Painted Sky

colorful clouds

Lake Superior (24)


rain clouds Peices of clouds are falling on Canada.

Lake Superior (24)

Picnic Table

picnic table

Lake Superior (24)

Superior Ferns


Lake Superior (24)

Ever Changing Back Yard

lake superior daisies

Lake Superior (24), Paradise (29), Sunsets (33)

Canoeing in the Bay

canoe There are not many moments when the lake is calm enough to safely take a canoe out. Last week there was a day that the water was almost like a mirror, so out we went. Perfect for this week's PhotoTime Tuesday theme: wet

Lake Superior (24), Phototime Tuesday (15)



Lake Superior (24), Sunsets (33)



Lake Superior (24)

Playing in the Sand


Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

Another Can Top

old can top on the beach PhotoFriday Apr 23, 2004 challenge: Junk

Lake Superior (24)


empty lake During the thunder storms a few days ago, the lake suddenly disappeared. Well, not the whole lake of course, but tide went way out, the kind of thing you would see at the ocean right before a tsunami.

There wasn't a tsunami, but a few minutes later the water came rushing back in.

Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24)

High Life

miller high life - please don't litter PhotoTime theme number 46: Curves

Lake Superior (24), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon - please don't litter

Lake Superior (24)

Take Off

sea gull There's been a group of sea gulls hanging around the beach here since the snow began to melt.

Lake Superior (24)

Foggy Morning

house in the fog Our neighbors to the south are never there. Someone's summer cabin, I guess.

Lake Superior (24)

Sunset Ship

Sunset Laker Somehow the freight ships know before a storm comes. If I see one parking in the bay by our house, I can guess a storm is soon on the way. A half hour after this one showed up today, the wind got really gusty.

Later, while the sun was setting, I noticed it reflecting off the "laker". The color lasted for only a few minutes.

Photofriday challenge: atmosphere

Lake Superior (24), Photofriday (26), Sunsets (33)


A snowmobile driving by on the "wrong" side of our house, in our "backyard", ...on the frozen Whitefish Bay.

home (11), lake-superior (24), michigan (57), snow (28), upper-penninsula (33), whitefish-bay (9)

Lake Superior (24), Transportation (5)

Bluefooted Boobie

Donovan snow-shoeing on the frozen Lake Superior.

donovan (27), lake-superior (24), michigan (57), snow (28), snow-shoe (2), upper-penninsula (33), whitefish-bay (9)

Donovan (34), Lake Superior (24), Transportation (5)

Lake Ice

The lake is starting to freeze.

ice (10), lake (9), lake-superior (24), michigan (57), snow (28), upper-penninsula (33), whitefish-bay (9), winter (10)

Lake Superior (24), Winter Approaches (5)

Let's Pretend

Some days Gypsy and I pretend we're on a ship.

Sometimes Donovan plays too.

Land ahoy! He spys Canada through his telescope!

bay (5), canada (5), clouds (6), donovan (27), gypsy (4), home (11), ship (4), sky (9), sun (2), whitefish-bay (9)

Lake Superior (24)

Sun Out

bay (5), clouds (6), home (11), michigan (57), paradise (13), water (16), whitefish-bay (9)

Lake Superior (24)

Break at Whitefish Point

beach (13), lake (9), lake-superior (24), michigan (57), water (16), waves (4), whitefish-bay (9), whitefish-point (4)

Lake Superior (24), Whitefish Point (5)

Land Ahoy!

Canada across Whitefish Bay / Lake Superior. Taken by putting camera up to one side of binoculars.

bay (5), binoculars (1), camera (2), canada (5), lake-superior (24), michigan (57), paradise (13), water (16), whitefish-bay (9)

Lake Superior (24)

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