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Raspberries in the Rain


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stunned bird

While in Paradise Donovan found this bird on the sidewalk next to the house. It wouldn't fly away so we guessed it had flown into the sliding glass door. Worried that it was injured, I wondered what I could do for it. I thought about the pigeon Kellen had taken in and asked, "what would Kellen do?" Fortunately, it recovered and flew away.

I've had this photo in my folder of photos to upload for a long time now! This photo is for the Saint.

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For tacking clothes up!

Photofriday challenge: tacky.

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taking the satellite down

Donovan took the satellite dish apart and down from the roof in Paradise. We packed it in three boxes and shipped it to my parents who now use it to surf the web from their isolated farm.

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roofer roofer

This is back from before we left Paradise. The roofers constructed a scaffold from two logs, a driftwood board, and an old picnic table atop piles of discarded roofing. The unsteadiness of it right by the glass doors made me nervous, but since they had already blocked the storm shutters with debris, all I could do was watch, and take photos.

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Curry Marinated Tourist

bbq For Mike.

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Ever Changing Back Yard

lake superior daisies

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Wild Daisies in Paradise

wild daisies

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Out of Reach

randy trimming trees We went back to Paradise to see if we could get the satellite to work again. This is Randy, an all purpose handyman, cutting limbs off the trees that block the line-of-sight. It didn't seem to help.

26 Things III item "Out of Reach".

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Downtown Paradise 3

downtown paradise I think these are all vacant.

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Downtown Paradise 2

downtown paradise I haven't yet seen this open... but maybe it'll open for summer.

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Downtown Paradise 1

downtown paradise This sign makes me laugh. The saloon is open (or at least there were some people inside when I walked by) the restaurant is shut down. It wasn't good anyway.

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Graduation 2004

high school grads This is the Whitefish Township School 2004 senior graduating class, all nine of them. There were also ten eighth graders and four kindergarteners who graduated today. Kindergarteners in caps and gowns was a cuteness I had never before seen.

The nice thing about small-town graduations is how short the ceremony is, and there was still time for sweet things like the "Presentation of Roses" from the high school graduates to their family members, and "Memories", a student made PowerPoint presentation of photos shown to music and the endearing "awww" sounds of the audience.

Donovan's mom had taught three of these students while they were in kindergarten through the third grade. To the delight of everyone, she came all the way from BC to be here. I was introduced to some of the school personnel that I hadn't yet met, everyone there seems to be extraordinarily nice.

Donovan was Valedictorian of his five person class at this school exactly ten years ago.

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Fishing with the Moon

moonrise Multitasking: watching Fishing with John (the Jim Jarmusch episode, I think) and the moonrise at the same time.

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House for Sale

house from the lake This is the back of the property taken standing on the sand built up at the mouth of Mile Creek.

This house with 200 feet of waterfront is for sale and the price was recently reduced!

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under a blue sky

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Baby Maple Leaves

new maple leaves

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Monopolizing Starwarsland

gamers I lost.

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Bedroom Balcony

rocking chair

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internet satellite This is how we are connected to the rest of the world. It broadcasts internet requests by radio signal to the satellite, which sends them to a Network Operations Center in Washington DC, which passes them on to the rest of the internet. To receive internet data, it makes the same trip back again. Although capable of fairly fast download speeds, the "lag" time between request and receive is very long.

Although I'm very thankful for this alternative to dial-up, I hope some day I'll be back on cable or DSL!

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desk view Picture-window view from the first-floor bedroom.

The sneaky crow figured out the necessary flight maneuver to get inside the bird feeder.

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Red Creek

creek Like the Tahquamenon River, the creek which flows under our driveway is stained a red-brown with tannin seeped from decaying hemlocks, cedars & spruce.

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Creek Mouth

creek mouth The mouth of the creek widens to let the snowmelt out into Lake Superior.

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Creek Bubbles

creek bubbles

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Frozen Fog

frozen fog

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Paradise House

Donovan and the Paradise house from the back yard. He lived much of his childhood and teen years in that room on the second floor.

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Superior Sunrise

Sunrise over Lake Superior. I can't believe I woke up automatically at dawn - must be a first. With sunrises like this, I could wake up at dawn every day!

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Paradise Balcony

From the second floor balcony of the house in Paradise after a rain. The water is Whitefish Bay of Lake Superior. On clear days, Ontario Canada can be seen on the distant horizon.

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