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Detroit Sun Set

detroit (1), sunset (27)

MI Trip (27), Sunsets (32)


creatures (34), worms (1)

Creatures (75), MI Trip (27)


Scabby skaters at the skate park in Midland.

midland (10), skater (1), wounds (1)

MI Trip (27)

Black Squirrel

I didn't know they came in this color.

creatures (34), midland (10), squirrel (2)

MI Trip (27)

Worm Silk

dow-garden (4), midland (10), spooky (3)

MI Trip (27)


dow-garden (4), flowers (37)

Flowers (41), MI Trip (27)


Little Asian quail in the greenhouse at Dow Gardens, Midland, MI.

birds (27), dow-garden (4), midland (10)

Birds (27), MI Trip (27)

Red Walk

Bridge and walkway in Dow Gardens, Midland, Michigan.

bridge (5), dow-garden (4), midland (10)

MI Trip (27)


art (21), midland (10)

MI Trip (27)

Another Drain

drain-spotting (3), midland (10)

Drains (2), MI Trip (27)


An East Jordan Iron Works drain, in downtown Midland.

drain-spotting (3), iron (2), midland (10)

Drains (2), MI Trip (27)

Danger, High Voltage!

I've always loved this picture.

sign (9)

Hazard Signs (3), MI Trip (27)

Dog Walking

Donovan, Cassey (his step brother), and Jasmine.

cassey (1), donovan (20), jasmine (2), midland (10)

Donovan (34), MI Trip (27)

Huge Squirrel

This squirrel was enormous. We were on a walk through a park in Midland.

creatures (34), midland (10), squirrel (2)

Creatures (75), MI Trip (27)

My Feet

arianna (27), feet (1), shoes (1)

Arianna (20), MI Trip (27)

Reflected Sky

This was on the drive back south from Paradise in the UP to Midland in cental Michigan.

car (17), mirror (1), sky (3)

MI Trip (27)

Fourth of July

4th-of-July (1), donovan (20), fire (3), fireworks (2), marshmallows (1), paradise (10)

MI Trip (27)

Beaver Was Here

paradise (10), trees (28)

MI Trip (27)


Fallen tree roots near the falls.

trees (28)

MI Trip (27)


This is a freshly hatched dragonfly on the sleeve of a girl we ran into on the path to the falls. Donovan used to know her or someone she was with.

creatures (34), dragonfly (2), insect (21)

Creatures (75), MI Trip (27)


Tahquamenon Falls is a few miles from Paradise. Camp 33, the resturant/brewery in the park there, is excellent!

michigan (14), paradise (10), upper-penninsula (2), waterfalls (3)

MI Trip (27)

Paradise House

Donovan and the Paradise house from the back yard. He lived much of his childhood and teen years in that room on the second floor.

donovan (20), michigan (14), paradise (10)

Donovan (34), MI Trip (27), Paradise (29)

Superior Sunrise

Sunrise over Lake Superior. I can't believe I woke up automatically at dawn - must be a first. With sunrises like this, I could wake up at dawn every day!

dawn (1), lake-superior (7), lakes (5), michigan (14), sunrise (1)

MI Trip (27), Paradise (29), Sunsets (32)

Paradise Balcony

From the second floor balcony of the house in Paradise after a rain. The water is Whitefish Bay of Lake Superior. On clear days, Ontario Canada can be seen on the distant horizon.

canada (1), lake-superior (7), lakes (5), michigan (14), paradise (10)

MI Trip (27), Paradise (29)

Mackinac Sun Set

Sun set over the Mackinac Bridge and Straits of Mackinac where Lake Michigan (in the distance) and Lake Huron (close) meet. This bridge is the only way to get from the Michigan lower penninsula and MI upper penninsula, other than having to drive all the way around a great lake!

bridge (5), lakes (5), michigan (14), sunset (27), upper-penninsula (2)

MI Trip (27), Sunsets (32), Upper Peninsula (16)


East Jordan Iron Works, in East Jordan, Michigan.

drain-spotting (3), iron (2), michigan (14)

MI Trip (27)

Michigan Wedding

This was right after the man in the middle (Bob) got married. That's his baby Owen. Donovan on the left, Jay on the right. The mural is in the entryway of the church.

This is baby Owen, held by his mother, and new wife of Donovan's friend.

bob (1), donovan (20), jay (1), michigan (14), weddings (1)

Donovan (34), MI Trip (27)

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