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Dog Race

sled dogs A team of sled dogs arrive at the Tahquamenon Park for a demonstration race.

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old growth pine Much of Michigan was clear cut in the 1800-1900's so, much of the forest now is new growth. This is the largest known white pine in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park, about 175 years old. It's 120' high, 4'8" in diameter, and 14'8" in circumference.

26 Things III item "Grand".

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old gas pump

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twin outhouses

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old window

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Old Bus

school bus

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Rainbow at the Falls


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No Camping

camp Someone (who likes beer) set up camp along the North Country National Scenic Trail. They must not have seen the sign at the trail head. I trust they'll be back for those cans. You can get ten cents a peice for cans in this state.

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Rocking Horse


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Behind the Theater

yellow and blue

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Kerosene Smile

kerosene at the pump

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Painted Barrels

drum set

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Breakfast Anytime

maple ridge restaurant Often when we head south to go downstate or south-east to the Soo to get groceries, we stop at this restaurant for breakfast. The speed and quality of the food varies widely, possibly a result of a recent change in ownership. But the prices are decent, the portions large, and the location is convenient, right on the junction of M123 and M28. There's a taxidermy bobcat on one wall. One of the older waitresses remembers Donovan from when he was a kid and that's always fun.

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Tahquamenon Falls, a half hour drive from Paradise. We took a little hike down there today.

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Mackinac Sun Set

Sun set over the Mackinac Bridge and Straits of Mackinac where Lake Michigan (in the distance) and Lake Huron (close) meet. This bridge is the only way to get from the Michigan lower penninsula and MI upper penninsula, other than having to drive all the way around a great lake!

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