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Graduation 2004

high school grads This is the Whitefish Township School 2004 senior graduating class, all nine of them. There were also ten eighth graders and four kindergarteners who graduated today. Kindergarteners in caps and gowns was a cuteness I had never before seen.

The nice thing about small-town graduations is how short the ceremony is, and there was still time for sweet things like the "Presentation of Roses" from the high school graduates to their family members, and "Memories", a student made PowerPoint presentation of photos shown to music and the endearing "awww" sounds of the audience.

Donovan's mom had taught three of these students while they were in kindergarten through the third grade. To the delight of everyone, she came all the way from BC to be here. I was introduced to some of the school personnel that I hadn't yet met, everyone there seems to be extraordinarily nice.

Donovan was Valedictorian of his five person class at this school exactly ten years ago.

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