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flower shadows I lived in that house many years, many different times. Even lived under the roof of the old barn for awhile.

And I'll always be that barefoot stepping on rusty nails riding rickety old bicycles up the lane playing in the ditch farm girl. That teenager sneaking smokes out with the sheep. I'll always be the confused young adult in transition between other homes. Forever a stressed and scattered grown-up who needs to touch the earth, ruining her hands and fingernails to be grounded with the roots of tomato, squash, and sunflower, covering skin with splinters from old lichen incrusted fences, thistle pricks and nettle stings, crawling between plants to upturn snails and insects for happy quacking ducklings and creeping close to softly pet the spirit bunny.

Goodbye 4090, I'll miss you... but I'll always be there in my heart and mind.

PhotoTime Tuesday theme for July 19, 2004: Shadows

California Summer 2004 (45), Phototime Tuesday (15)

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