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SolFest 2005

tree car muddy kids at solfest carousel at solfest hula hoop at solfest japanese reader at solfest couple at solfest

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Cars (16), Nikon D70 (54), Solfest (1)

Colored Truck II

colored truck

I tried again with the full-moon night shots, same location, same flashlights, but using the newly discovered "bulb" setting on my camera. Exposure time: 637/10 sec

car (18), light-painting (9), night (33), potter-valley (65), truck (4)

Cars (16), Night (12), Nikon D70 (54), Potter Valley (43)

Colored Truck


Colored with flashlights. My sister Erica acted as lighting assistant for me late Tuesday night in the cold.

car (18), light-painting (9), night (33), potter-valley (65), truck (4)

Cars (16), Night (12), Nikon D70 (54), Potter Valley (43)



accident (1), car (18), freeway (1), san-rafael (2)

Cars (16), San Rafael (2), Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S75 (25)

Embarcadero Car

painted car

car (18), night (33), san-francisco (42)

Cars (16), Nikon D70 (54), San Francisco (29)

Truck Skeleton

truck skeleton

car (18), potter-valley (65), rust (4), spiral (7)

Cars (16)

Old Truck Window

truck window

abstract (8), car (18), dead (31), potter-valley (65), weird-stuff (14)

Cars (16)


baby oak tree

In Potter Valley a baby oak sprouts up in the middle of where this truck's engine used to be. The paint is covered in lichen and the body has become a habitat for who knows how many small animals, bugs, and worms.

As meticulous as I am about recycling and sustainability, the other half of my brain says not to worry too much because nature can take care of herself. It's egotistical of humankind to think we have so much power over nature that it needs to be saved by us. (But, of course that doesn't mean we should recklessly trash the place and needlessly kill off thousands of entire species. We still have to live and eat here.)

This truck may take forever in human years to turn back into earth, but in Earth's timeline, it's just a small moment.

car (18), dead (31), earth (1), potter-valley (65), sustainable (7), trash (8), trees (31), truck (4)

Cars (16), Potter Valley (43)

Dead Truck

dead truck

10/08 California

(The Westward series was taken while driving from Michigan to California in October. I'm going to post them three at a time, in no particular order and will try to mention if I remember what state it was taken in. The majority of these photos were snapped while driving 80 miles per hour on interstate 80 so will be blurry, have dirt specks or water droplets from the day it rained, or have a slightly-tinted-car-window look. Don't worry, I rarely shoot while at the wheel, so most likely, they were taken while Donovan was driving, after I had done my share for the day.)

car (18), dead (31), road-trip (24), truck (4)

Cars (16), Westward (42)


casino 10/07 An old car at a casino. Taken while stopped at the KOA around the corner in West Wendover, Nevada. We ate at the restaurant here. It had a huge menu, and good food, but the service was terrible.

Cars (16), Westward (42)

Cadillac Hearse

cadillac For Raspil.

Cars (16)

Bus Passengers

bus passengers

Cars (16)

Bus Driver

bus driver

Cars (16)

Bus Seat

bus seat

Cars (16)

In the Field

PhotoFriday challenge: broken

broken (2), car (18), dead (31), farm (14), field (1), petaluma (21), photofriday (17), sunset (30)

Cars (16), Photofriday (26), Sunsets (33)

Blue Bug

My beloved old car. Someone will buy it any day now....

volkswagen (1)

Cars (16)

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