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PNW Roadtrip: Powell Butte Nature Park

Powell Butte Nature Park Daisies at Powell Butte Nature Park View of Mt St Helens from Powell Butte Nature Park

View of Mt St Helens (above) and Mt Hood (below) from Powell Butte Nature Park, Portland, Oregon.

View of Mt Hood from Powell Butte Nature Park Panoramic view of Mt St Helens and Mt Hood from Powell Butte Nature Park

In the above photo, Mt St Helens is the tiny white lump on the bottom left, Mt Hood is the little white mound on the bottom right. (Click on above panorama to expand.)

Powell Butte Nature Park

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PNW Roadtrip: OMSI

dire wolf

While passing through and visiting in Portland, we had a couple hours to explore so visited the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We had a blast playing with the interactive exhibits, learning about LASERs, solving puzzles, and getting so caught up that we missed our planetarium show.

heat patterns paleontologists

Paleontologists hard at work. The one on the left was actually very friendly and willing to answer questions. It was incredible to watch them carefully grinding away stone to uncover fossilized bone. The talkative Paleontologist volunteer was working on uncovering, out of a single solid chunk, a skull and other bones that once belonged to an aquatic beast that resembled the loch ness monster.

I love this beautiful 150 million year old Mesozoic proto-bird.

150 million year old mesozoic proto-bird industrial connect four with robots

We played "Connect Four" using robot arms. Then the robots "danced" for us and showed off their precise articulation.

The cool, geeky tiles in the restroom had science, chemistry, paleontology, and mechanical themes.

bathroom tiles

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