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Petaluma Palm Trees

sunset and palm trees I'm in California for 4 weeks visiting and helping my parents move. I might not post any more photos here until I get back in mid-July, but I may occasionally put one up on fotolog.

California Summer 2004 (45), Sunsets (32)

Downtown Paradise 3

downtown paradise I think these are all vacant.

Paradise (29)

Downtown Paradise 2

downtown paradise I haven't yet seen this open... but maybe it'll open for summer.

Paradise (29)

Downtown Paradise 1

downtown paradise This sign makes me laugh. The saloon is open (or at least there were some people inside when I walked by) the restaurant is shut down. It wasn't good anyway.

Paradise (29)

Fire Beard


Donovan (34), Sunsets (32), Whitefish Point (5)



Sunsets (32), Whitefish Point (5)


turtle This incredible creature was hanging out in the backyard today. First on the break wall then it came right up to the house to sit on the stone walk. I couldn't get enough photos of its amazingly spiky body. I've never seen such a dangerous looking turtle before.

I put a desktop wallpaper up of it.

Creatures (75)


old gas pump

Upper Peninsula (16)


twin outhouses

Upper Peninsula (16)


old window

Upper Peninsula (16)

Honey, Jeff, and Bonnie


Graduation 2004

high school grads This is the Whitefish Township School 2004 senior graduating class, all nine of them. There were also ten eighth graders and four kindergarteners who graduated today. Kindergarteners in caps and gowns was a cuteness I had never before seen.

The nice thing about small-town graduations is how short the ceremony is, and there was still time for sweet things like the "Presentation of Roses" from the high school graduates to their family members, and "Memories", a student made PowerPoint presentation of photos shown to music and the endearing "awww" sounds of the audience.

Donovan's mom had taught three of these students while they were in kindergarten through the third grade. To the delight of everyone, she came all the way from BC to be here. I was introduced to some of the school personnel that I hadn't yet met, everyone there seems to be extraordinarily nice.

Donovan was Valedictorian of his five person class at this school exactly ten years ago.

Paradise (29)


pizza cat "Gypsy, if you think I'm giving you some of my pizza, you're wrong!"

PhotoTime Tuesday theme: wrong

Or could it be wrong that I'm eating pizza for breakfast, in the living room, at noon, in my men's pajama pants and leopard slippers... or that I took a few moments out of eating pizza to take this photo!

Gypsy (4), Phototime Tuesday (15)

Berry Moon


Moon (12)


bee on daffodil

Creatures (75)

Green and Orange

my leg

Arianna (20)

Fishing with the Moon

moonrise Multitasking: watching Fishing with John (the Jim Jarmusch episode, I think) and the moonrise at the same time.

Paradise (29)

Blue Bug


Creatures (75)

Red Bug


Creatures (75)

Girl in the Red Dress

arcade Donovan playing DDR with a girl at the Mackinac city arcade. I think her boyfriend thought I was creepy taking photos through the window.

Donovan (34)

Bus Passengers

bus passengers

Cars (16)

Bus Driver

bus driver

Cars (16)

House for Sale

house from the lake This is the back of the property taken standing on the sand built up at the mouth of Mile Creek.

This house with 200 feet of waterfront is for sale and the price was recently reduced!

Paradise (29)


under a blue sky

Flowers (41), Paradise (29)

Partly Eaten by Ants

dead bug

Dead Stuff (24)

Baby Maple Leaves

new maple leaves

Paradise (29)

Bay City Kids

school kids This is "Scoobie Doo" and Margo. Scoobie insisted that Donovan had cigarettes for him. After the disappointment that neither of us smoked or had any money or drugs, he did some skate tricks for us. I considered giving him a dollar, but decided against it. I didn't want him to buy cigarettes with it.

Mid Michigan (8)

Old Bus

school bus

Upper Peninsula (16)

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