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Goose and Goslings

birds (27), creatures (34), geese (3), howarth-park (2)

Birds (27)

California Poppies

flowers (37)

Flowers (41)

Grassy Park

donovan (20), howarth-park (2), santa-rosa (20)

Donovan (34)

Spell Merchants

A sign across the street where my sister moved to in Sonoma. I suggested they may see interesting characters visit the neighborhood... like Gandalf.

sign (9), sonoma (2)

Weird Stuff (14)

May Lunar Eclipse

I missed the beginning of this.

eclipse (2), moon (6)

Moon (12)

More New Hair

arianna (27), hair (3), self-portrait (3)

Arianna (20)

My New Hair

I got a little crazy with the black dye this time....

arianna (27), dye (2), hair (3), self-portrait (3)

Arianna (20)


Tiny mushrooms growing in a soggy door mat.

Photo Friday Challenge: Small

mushrooms (7), photofriday (16)

Photofriday (26)


With a week of rain, it's a been a challenge, that's for sure, so I staged a mini-series with one of my shadow puppets and a flashlight.

Photo Friday Challenge: Shadows

photofriday (16), puppet (1), shadow (3)

Photofriday (26)

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