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Garage Shoe

garage shoe

alicia (7), foot (1), mannequin (2), shoe (2), weird-stuff (15)

Weird Stuff (14)

Elmo Hiding

elmo hiding

night (33), rohnert-park (18), trash (8)

Night (12), Weird Stuff (14)

Garbage Dog

garbage dog

night (33), rohnert-park (18), trash (8), weird-stuff (15)

Night (12), Weird Stuff (14)

Window Heads


mannequin (2), petaluma (23), weird-stuff (15)

Petaluma (14), Weird Stuff (14)


rusty parts

A rainwater filled bucket of break shoes and other rusty metal things.

potter-valley (65), rust (4), water (9), weird-stuff (15)

Weird Stuff (14)

Three Sculls


bones (1), dead (31), weird-stuff (15)

Weird Stuff (14)

Nail Gun Ammunition


abstract (8), weird-stuff (15)

Weird Stuff (14)

Parking Lot Monkey

plastic monkey

Weird Stuff (14)


drugs (1), evidence (1), weird-stuff (15)

Weird Stuff (14)


Some photos I took to modify and use in a blog layout.

lunch-pail (1), weird-stuff (15), wires (1)

Weird Stuff (14)

Dear Guest

This Island is off the grid. Everything is either generators or alternative power (residents get pretty creative, spoons in running water for example) and the bar/restaurant/hotel at the landing is generator powered. This was the note on the desk in the room we stayed in.

electricity (1), flashlight (1), hotel (2), lasqueti-island (3), vancouver (20)

Vancouver (21), Weird Stuff (14)

Coke Machine

This was on the farm when my parents bought the property in 1978. Although they've been trying to sell it (and someone actually paid money for it but never picked it up) it seems destined to be passed on when they sell the farm this year.

4090 (10)

Weird Stuff (14)

Spell Merchants

A sign across the street where my sister moved to in Sonoma. I suggested they may see interesting characters visit the neighborhood... like Gandalf.

sign (9), sonoma (2)

Weird Stuff (14)

Creek Water

creek (6), sign (9), trash (8)

Weird Stuff (14)

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