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Passion Flowers

passion flower vine passion flower vine passion flower passion flower vine passion flower vine

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Flowers (41)

Donovan and Angela

donovan and angela

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Donovan (34)


nigella flowers nigella flower nigella flower

flowers (37), macro (11), plants (17)

Flowers (41)

Bag for Mother's Day

crocheted bag for Mom

I crocheted this cotton bag to hold a gift for my mom for mother's day.

crocheted bag for Mom crocheted bag for Mom

crafts (21), crochet (5), gifts (7), mom (9), mothers-day (1), yarn (3)

Crafts (21)

Bag for Amanda's Birthday

crocheted bag for Amanda

I crocheted this cotton bag for my crafty friend Amanda and filled it with a few skeins of colorful wool yarn.

amanda (1), bag (1), birthday (3), crafts (21), crochet (5), gifts (7), yarn (3)

Crafts (21)

Crochet Earring Hanger

crochet earring hanger

I created this to hang my earrings on using yarn found at a thrift store and a pair of wooden chopsticks which I sanded.

crafts (21), crochet (5), shelf (3)

Crafts (21)

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