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PhotoFriday Challenge: Blue

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Blue Trash (1)

Flowering Tree

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Flowers (42)

Occidental Graffiti

At the YMCA in Occidental, CA.

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Graffiti (2)


I don't know what kind of flower this is, but I found it growing in Armstrong Redwoods Forest in February.

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Flowers (42)


Donovan working in his corner of our office.

donovan (20)

Donovan (34)

Petaluma Hills 2

Another shot of Petaluma hills from Helen Putnam Park.

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Helen Putnam Park (2)

Petaluma Hills

The hills around Petaluma are so pretty this time of year. This is taken from Helen Putnam Park, west of Petaluma.

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Helen Putnam Park (2)


This is my mother and her grandson, Micah. I could not believe it when I noticed they both had only one sock on.

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Family (48)


These two are cousins, my niece and nephew. Clarista Luna is 11 months and half Japanese; Micah is 7 months and quarter Mexican. They are both so cute in their beautifully different ways.

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Family (48)

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