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My Current Interpretations of Two Kay Nielsen Illustrations

Kay Nielsen

I wrap my arms around it
Though it's sharp and cutting
Stuck in it's barren place of birth, unmoving
It's old growth is covered in thorns where wounds had once been
I hold it anyway
As I feel flowering in my intimate attention
It grows more delicately and beautifully through my love
Reaching around to hold me tentatively
We embrace

Kay Nielsen

Unseen forces
Have stripped the blossoms from the tree
They have pummeled down upon me
Forced to my knees
Unwilling to fight the falling fists of flowers I love dearly
I feel my sadness
The destruction
Of something so beautiful.

When I am ready
I will look up again
I will see I am surrounded
Straight and strong
Silent and patient
They wait for me
And from the darkness
I'll climb.

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