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Bedside Table Refinish

purple bedside table

I had bought this bedside table a few years back from a thrift store. It had some water damage (cup rings) and other wear in the finish so wanted to give it a new look.

bedside table with finish partially sanded off

It was a lot of work sanding the old finish off, especially in all the corners.

bedside table with stain and painted designs

After the finish was completely removed, I stained the inside, sides and under-top, with a yellowish orange color and the rest purple I mixed from a couple colors I had on hand. I painted a bronze design on it, then gave it a couple clear coat layers for protection.

bedside table with stain and painted designs bedside table with stain and painted designs

The sanding was a lot of work and took some time – as I had to keep recharging my sander batteries – but I had a lot of fun with the painting on it. The metallic design turned out subtle, showing better at some angles than others, and I like the mystery of that... and how the inside designs are mostly hidden.

purple bedside table

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