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Fish in a Bottle

Fish jars

In Mexico, I couldn't take photos of the fish underwater while snorkeling, but I was inspired to draw them.

Fish jars

Butterfly fish. We made good friends (or something) with a juvenile one of these. It lived in a pool right at the spot on the beach we used to go in and out of the water. It would chase me and nibble my legs. So adorable and freaky at the same time.

Fish jars

Needle fish. I spotted one of these swimming spookily near the surface just beyond my peripheral vision (which isn't much with a snorkel mask on) and it caught me off guard. It was so obviously watching us and was nearly invisible in the water. I think I would see these from the beach as well, jumping out of the water and flying a ways. They are actually much longer and skinnier than this rendition but I drew it for this bottle. I really could have used an even taller thin bottle. I've had this bottle for years but when I saw it after returning from Mexico, it reminded me of that fish and that gave me the idea to do this.

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