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Mexico Trip 2012 - Ek' Balam Ruins

Iguana Iguana

Our birthday was spent traveling deep into the Yucatan to visit some of the more distant ruins sites, starting with this one.

Ek Balam Ruins

The entrance arch that leads to the city.

Ek Balam Ruins

Side view of the entrance arch.

Ek Balam Ruins

The ballcourt, completed in 841 CE.

Ek Balam Ruins

The Oval Palace, ceremonial structure.

Ek Balam Ruins

A northward view of the the El Trono temple and other structures from atop the Oval Palace.

Ek Balam Ruins Ek Balam Ruins

These walls can't keep me out.

Ek Balam Ruins

Winged warriors.

Ek Balam Ruins

A view of the other structures from atop the temple El Trono ("The Throne"). It's thought that Ukit Kan Le'k Tok' (who ruled during the height of the city, from 770 to 797 or 802 CE) is buried inside.

Ek Balam Ruins

Southern view from atop the temple. It's sweaty work climbing all these stairs.

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