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An open letter to Comcast

Several weeks ago I called and requested that my address be removed from your mailing list. Yet, each week I get a letter from you (addressed to "Jacob Westra or Current Resident") with offers for your service. I've lived here for two and a half years and have never known a "Jacob Westra". While it's also addressed to "Current Resident", this resident does not want to take the time to sort your junk mail into my recycle bin.

Since I do not usually bother to open the envelope, I don't know if they always have it, but the letter this week included a plastic "xfinity", "prepaid card", that I'm not even sure can be recycled, and I know the plastic window on the envelope and glossy insert are not recyclable.

I've used your services in the past, but I currently do not use services from your company. Every time I get one of these letters, wasting resources, or have to turn away pushy door-to-door solicitors of your services, I grow farther from ever returning to choose services from you. This is disrespectful of me, damaging to the environment, and a waste of your marketing dollars. Seeing how Comcast wastes money on this kind of un-environmental marketing, it is obvious I would not get the best services for my money. I choose companies that put my money toward the services I pay for, not toward destroying the environment and throwing money away.

Once again, stop sending me trash and remove this address from your mailing list.

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