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Silently Flow Between

butterflies at the creek at Ore Hot Springs

In August I submitted a poem to Harbin Hot Springs' poetry contest and was announced as one of the winners of a $140 certificate toward camping and hot springs use for two nights.

Silently Flow Between

falling trickling through fig roots
into pool rock and stream
below bridge and buildings
honoring a sacred place

a meditation
a prayer of gratitude to the waters

warm hot cold

from sky
from deep earth
it finds itself and unites

we seek it

hot cold

collect it into pools
held by one and then another, we silently flow between
worshiping of self-all

a swim
a misty fall rain touching our faces

hot cold

from minerals
from hot steam
soften, cleanse, expand, contract

we find ourselves


cozy pillowed tiers
darkened evening entertainment
relaxed deep and sleepily connecting hands
falling melting through dream

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