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Exquisitely Creative

Last month I went to a party at friends, Xoe and Marq's, house. It was my first visit to their place, which is filled, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, in creativity. They collaborate each month on drawing and decorating a month calendar and each calendar turns out to be an amazing work of art. (In the blurry photo below is the calendar current for the month as it sat in progress, as well as some people who I don't remember their names.)

Xoe and Marq house

While mingling with mostly strangers, I came across a couple ladies drawing on what looked like a piece of paper folded into thirds. I excitedly asked them if they were playing exquisite corpse, the French Surrealists' game of folding a page into thirds and drawing on one third, then passing it around to have the other thirds completed by two other artists without seeing what's on the other parts. They asked if I wanted to fill in the bottom third of one. It's one of my favorite games, so I gladly did. I really enjoy the unfolding and discovery of the whole drawing.

exquisite corpse

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