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Surprise Party

Nicholas Dobson Alicia Feltman Eric Wilson Alicia Alicia Birthday Banner

In February I organized and hosted my first surprise party. With the help of a couple friends of the honored guest (my sister Alicia), we managed to gather a few dozen people in my house, and get her there without her having any idea what was going on. It was fun and the effect was totally worth the effort.

Pictured above is the banner I drew, as she saw it entering the surprise, and as she got to take it home after it was added to by the guests (including her two children who she didn't know would be there).

A couple old friends crashed at my house and the next morning we joined back up with a few others from the party for brunch. Above is writer/composer Nicholas Dobson, the birthday girl the morning after, and drummer/artist/inventor-of-words Eric Wilson. Hangover brunch with them was mind-blowing. The words "astrosophy", "eyebagpipes", "membory", and "Tamilpias" Hindu Brahmin were invented and used in conversation among dozens more.

Photos taken with my iPhone.

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