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greenhouse I'm still in California but my time here is coming to an end. My parents have been moved to their new farm and this greenhouse my father built, and everything else on those 10 acres, are now just a bunch of photos and some memories to me, no longer a place I can go to escape the rest of the world.

California Summer 2004 (45)

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gorgeous! you have such a beautiful eye. well, their both very nice, really. :)

yanno, it's so weird. i think as i have aged, the number of times i accidentally write "their" instead of "they're," or "its" when i mean "it's" etc. has gone way up. i almost always notice write away (heh ;). it's odd, though, that as i write, i make the mistake, but it usually jumps out at me immediately upon reading what i just wrote. so why did i make the mistake in the first place, if it's not a matter of not knowing which spelling to use? my brain confuses me! ; )

I like pigeons better when they aren't in the city. then they almost remind me of doves.

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